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1888-P Vam-36

Discovered by Laurence Galbraith,July 2005.
36 III229 · C3a(Very Near Date, Doubled Ear) ( ? ) I-2 R-4
Obverse III229– Ear slightly doubled at lower right inside. Date set much further left than normal.
Reverse C3a -
Posted coin Comments:

  • PCGS MS-62 3-9-15
  • UPDATE: PCGS ms64 07-25-15 different coin than post.
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

LVA Plate Photos

1888-P VAM-36 Dbld Ear.jpg

Diagnostic photographs:

    1888-P VAM-36 Raw Coin (?) I-2 R-4 
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Rmg 1888P 123014a.jpgRmg 1888P 123014b.jpg

1888 P  Very Near Slanted Date. 

Rmg 1888P 123014c.jpgRmg 1888P 123014d.jpg

Clash showing in lips and chin.  Doubled Profile. 

Rmg 1888P 123014e.jpgRmg 1888P 123014f.jpg

Clash "G".  2 Clash lines are seen here. 

Rmg 1888P 123014g.jpgRmg 1888P 123014h.jpg

Double Clash lines.  Double Clash lines intercept "G". 

Rmg 1888P 123014i.jpgRmg 1888P 123014j.jpg

 1888 P VAM-36  1888 P VAM-36 rev. 

Rmg 1888P 123014k.jpgRmg 1888P 123014l.jpg

Wreath shows a clash.  Doubled Ear. 

Rmg 1888P 123014m.jpgRmg 1888P 123014n.jpg

Doubled lines visible and Doubling on IGWT.  Triple wreath leaves 

Rmg 1888P 123014o.jpgRmg 1888P 123014p.jpg

Without lights clash is visible.  Cap clash. 

Rmg 1888P 123014q.jpgRmg 1888P 123014r.jpg

Doubled leaves.  Doubled TF ends. 

Rmg 1888P 123014s.jpgRmg 1888P 123014t.jpg

Clash on leaves.  Doubled Motto. 

Rmg 1888P 123014u.jpgRmg 1888P 123014v.jpg

Top of cap Doubling.  Doubled reverse lettering. 

Rmg 1888P 123014w.jpgRmg 1888P 123014x.jpg

Triple wreath leaves  Doubled Leaves 

Different coin in photos Below.
Rmg 1888P 010914o.jpgRmg 1888P 010914p.jpg

7-25-15 PCGS MS-64 = VSS VAM-36 

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