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1883-CC VAM-5D Doubled Date, CC/CC, Clashed Die Break Cap

Former VAM-5B Discovered by Michael Ash, October 2005. Re-classified 2015 by Nate Mailliard
5D III22 · C3d (Doubled Date, CC/CC, Clashed Die Break Cap) (178) I-3 R-6
Obverse III22– Multiple die clashes with three bold diagonal clash lines from neck and, on LDS specimens,die break rear of Phrygian cap below ribbon. Clashed n and st erased by multiple die clashes and die wear. (revised description 2015)
1- VAM 5 dies are believed to have the 1883-CC VAM-5A wing scratch in all stages. These dies were clashed and repolished several times. There are two stages of the VAM-5A. One has the N clash clearly visible. The other has the prominent 'starburst' patterns at both wing tips(this was the original version of VAM-5A before the clash was listed. The polished version of the VAM 5A (no letter transfer) is the VAM 5B, and before the VAMs 5C and 5D in the sequence.
2- VAM-5 STAGES (5 --> 5A --> 5B --> 5C --> 5D).
Posted coin Comments:

  • VSS sticker VAM-5"D" 5/11/15.
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

LVA Plate Photos

Former 5B became 5D
1883-CC VAM-5B Clash Die Break.jpg1883-CC VAM-5B Three Clash Lines.jpg

Diagnostic photographs:

   1883-CC VAM-5D; PCGS ms65+ coin, (178) I-3 R-6. 
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