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1879-S VAM-29A Doubled 879 and Right Obverse, Die Chips Wing Tips - Additional Study by RMG *

(* These studies, unless noted otherwise, are from unattributed coins.)
29A III2 15 - C3y (Doubled 879 and Right Obverse, Gouge Hair, High S, Engraved Leaves, Die Chips Wing Tips) (185) I-5 R-7 *
Obverse III2 15: Doubled 879 with 8 at right outside of both loops and left of lower loop, 7 at top and 9 at left outside of both loops. Strong doubling towards rim on Phrygian cap top and right side, wheat grains and leaves, RIBUS UNUM and 3 to 6 right stars. Long diagonal die gouge in hair above eye with vertical engraved lines in attempt to erase it *
Reverse C3y: Medium S mint mark set high with slight tilt to left. Engraving to strengthen on some outside and middle leaves in left wreath opposite ON, U, _IT. Fairly large die chips at tips of both wings.
(* The above descriptions were cited from the 1879-S VAM-29 and 1879-S VAM-29A topic pages.)
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Comments: Collaboration by : RMG/LAE2
Subject: 1879-S VAM-29
Message: Attributed by VSS 10/14 in VSS holder.

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