RmgBF 1881S 042516

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1881-S VAM-??

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Posted Coin Comments:

  • RMG/VSS = send to LVA. Road trip PCGS # 7956 Update: LVA No Go 6/20/16.
  • Heavy "Micro" pitting on Eagle like V-20.
  • Normal Date position.
  • Date has chips on first 8, second 1 has spike lower left on main shaft.
  • MM is centered and a touch high.
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2

Diagnostic photographs:

  1881-S VAM-XX pcgs 7936 ms63, (---) I-2 R-?. 
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RmgBF 1881S 042516a.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516b.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516c.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516d.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516e.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516f.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516g.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516h.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516i.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516j.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516k.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516l.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516m.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516n.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516o.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516p.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516q.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516r.jpg
RmgBF 1881S 042516s.jpgRmgBF 1881S 042516t.jpg