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Begining in 2011, John started by doing a "list", of his '11 for 2011 most recommended investment varities, that he presented at the annual FUN show in Orlando, FL. John has created an ongoing tradition of selecting his "top picks" for investment varieties and sharing them with the VAM community.
"It really is an expression of my personal opinion of varieties worth investing in - coins I'd be likely to buy myself given the opportunity."
~ John Roberts ~

This page is an ongoing compilation of John's annual recommendations...

A Dozen VAMs for 2023
1. 1878-P VAM-166 no longer impossible to acquire
2. 1878-S VAM-60 a stopper in the Long Nock set and Complete Top 100
3. 1879-P VAM-74 two sided pitted die variety
4. 1879-S VAM-74 Obverse shared with VAM 135, the newest Rev 78 listing paired with unusual re-engraved reverse
5. 1881-O VAM-5 An 'evil mimic' of O/S varieties
6. 1882-O VAM-21 , 1882-O VAM-21A Early stage is another 'evil mimic' of O/S varieties, later stage has great clashing
7. 1888-S VAM-14A interesting DDO with radial break in date
8. 1891-P VAM-10 pitted on date digits
9. 1922-D VAM-2Z radial break with odd wave on date
10. 1923-S VAM-1AZ busy with efforts to remove clashing
11. 1935-S VAM-4 A better date Peace Dollar, added ray and DDR are a Top 50 bonus
12. 1877-S Coxe-4 A highlight for the new Trade Dollar work, nicknamed 'duck lips'

A Dozen VAMs for 2022
1. 1878-P VAM-14.11 , 1878-P VAM-14.11A the stopper for a Top 100 set
2. 1878-CC VAM-7 surprisingly difficult to find, particularly in mint state
3. 1879-S VAM-78 earlier use of VAM 50 obverse paired with an acid treated reverse
4. 1880-O VAM-6C Top 100 overdate with a jumble of clashes. The first reported M clash
5. 1882-CC VAM-2D , 1882-CC VAM-2E the 'Winged L' gouge, who wouldn't want one?
6. 1884-O VAM-3 RPM almost completely fills O opening
7. 1886-P VAM-20 a key VAM for the Hot 50 set
8. 1890-CC VAM-7 an MPD on a Carson City dollar
9. 1891-S VAM-8A multiple reverse die gouges
10. 1900-S VAM-2A a pair of eye catching features on a better date
11. 1924-P VAM-1D1 , 1924-P VAM-1D2 , 1924-P VAM-1BB , 1924-P VAM-8B an actual E clash is a rare thing on a Peace Dollar
12. 1924-S VAM-1A overpolished and re-engraved rays. Weirdly strong shoulder spike

A Dozen VAMs for 2021
1. 1878-P VAM-112A strong clashing rarely encountered
2. 1879-S VAM-51 79-S Rev of 78 Tough but not impossible
3. 1880-P VAM-25B , 1880-P VAM-25C Impressive clashed stages on a Hit List 40 marriage
4. 1882-O VAM-37A hard to find, quadrupled stars and clashed letters
5. 1887-S VAM-2 far more difficult to find without the die damage of the VAM 2A
6. 1889-O VAM-2 , 1889-O VAM-2A stages of the lone Oval O for the date. Tough in mint state
7. 1891-O VAM-1B pitted die seldom encountered
8. 1891-O VAM-20 RPD with major shift and misaligned clash from VAM 14A reverse
9. 1921-P VAM-41A A Top 100 stage that is underappreciated
10. 1922-D VAM-2N reminiscent of the 'Ponytail'
11. 1923-P VAM-1C1 , 1923-P VAM-1C2 How long will registry quality examples remain available?
12. 1926-S VAM-3B Another wild scrub job. Can be found in Redfield holders

A Dozen VAMs for 2020
1. 1878-P VAM-167 underappreciated as a condition rarity
2. 1879-CC VAM-3A fill the Top 100 slot with this later stage
3. 1880-P VAM-57 obverse of VAM 24A paired with a minor DDR
4. 1887-P VAM-1B prime time to pick up this E. Hold out for clear example
5. 1887-P VAM-25A a 'donkey tail' is worth having more than one
6. 1888-P VAM-32 tripled obverse, all but unknown
7. 1892-S VAM-2 key VAM on key date. Prefer over VAM-7 as RPD is always strong
8. 1893-CC VAM-2A likely Carson City's last dollars
9. 1902-O VAM-45A monster clashing
10. 1903-O VAM-22 gouge worthy of an OMG!
11. 1922-D VAM-4 the window for registry quality material is still open, but how long?
12. 1926-S VAM-3F wild clash and scrub job. Check those Redfield holders

A Dozen VAMs for 2019
1. 1879-S VAM-45B Overpolished, acid treated, overpolished again, and then broken
2. 1880-O VAM-4 Top 100 Popular overdate, more challenging with PL surfaces
3. 1883-CC VAM-2 surprisingly difficult to find when looking
4. 1883-O VAM-33A Odd 'bar' in hair warrants a closer look
5. 1885-S VAM-8 Same MPD obverse as Top 100 VAM 9
6. 1887-P VAM-26A interesting reverse gouge stage
7. 1888-O VAM-1B3 Scarface Harrison Stage 8 is a relative bargain for Top 100 set
8. 1891-P VAM-1A possibly the most unusual die chip in the series
9. 1894-S VAM-9 1894-S VAM-11 remarkable for many threadlike lines in portrait
10. 1901-O VAM-45 definitely leaves a strong impression
11. 1922-P VAM-5A3 Top 50 all the 'Scar Cheek' stages are desirable, but the added hair break is a favorite
12. 1923 VAM-1o Top 50 the 'barwing' is an underappreciated bargain

A Dozen VAMs for 2018
1. 1879-S VAM-29 busy with gouges, breaks, a DDO, and re-engraving
2. 1880 VAM-44 strong doubled eyelid - an under the radar variety on a date with lots of traffic
3. 1882 VAM-35 obvious obverse gouge that was long overlooked
4. 1883-CC VAM-8A seemingly common until you want one. Can be found in GSA
5. 1884-S VAM-8 nice MPD on a semi key date. LDS examples have visible chip on point of neck
6. 1889 VAM-23B rough and crumbled obverse. Unusual for crushed neck
7. 1898-S VAM-6 bold RPM May exist in Redfield holders
8. 1901 VAM-22 interesting reverse gouges on a semi key date
9. 1922 VAM-1F Top 50 unusual place for a die break
10. 1924 VAM-1A Top 50 great obverse gouge all examples have breaks thru TRVST
11. 1926-S VAM-5 , 1926-S VAM-5A Top 50 nice DDR, but wide obverse gouge is amazing and largely overlooked
12. 1927-S VAM-1B extensive re-engraving, bonus if found with Redfield pedigrree

A Dozen VAMs for 2017
1. 1878-P VAM-15
2. 1878-S VAM-49
3. 1879-P VAM-37
4. 1879-S VAM-1B2
5. 1881-O VAM-1D
6. 1881-S VAM-54B
7. 1883-P VAM-9
8. 1891-P VAM-2A
9. 1902-P VAM-12
10. 1921-P VAM-3O3
11. 1922-P VAM-5B
12. 1926-S VAM-1C

A Dozen VAMs for 2016
1. 1878-P VAM-32 7/8TF Top 100 its relative rarity has increased over the last several years
2. 1878-P VAM-189 7TF Hit List 40 might be the strongest re-engraved die in the Morgan series
3. 1880-CC VAM-7 Rev of 78 Hit List 40 harder to find without the clashing. Look for GSA examples
4. 1880-O VAM-11A counterclash on obverse, a jumble of clashing on well used reverse
5. 1888-O VAM-7A Hit List 40 the shooting star
6. 1889-P VAM-5A , 1889-P VAM-5B Hit List 40 pitted dies have a growing following
7. 1891-O VAM-19 WOW! List A strong example of odd die failure on the reverse, paired with a strong doubled obverse
8. 1895-S VAM-1A A nice die break on a semi-key date
9. 1901-S VAM-10 a nice DDO on a better date
10. 1902-O VAM-8 possibly the boldest later date Morgan RPM
11. 1921-P Peace VAM-1B bold dot like die gouge
12. 1924-P VAM-1AA Elite 30 The 'Broken Jaw' variety - still appears to be quite rare

John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2015
1878-P VAM-41A 7/4 Weak TF Variety the stage without the clash is much harder to find than generally appreciated.
1878-CC VAM-15 Spiked Lip just look at it - particularly in mint state.
1878-S VAM-36 group "Dragon Scales" Engraved Wing Feathers the dragon scales need some love
1880-P VAM-19B Tripled 8, Doubled 1-80,Pitted E-D, Spiked Hair Front rare variety with dramatic obv gouge
1888-O VAM-2 Oval O, Normal Date, Oval O set high and tilted slightly left Top 100 tougher component of Oval O set
1891-CC VAM-7 Spitting Eagle. Far Date Top 100 makes the spitting eagle worth having
1896-O VAM-19 Shifted Date Hit List 40 major shift on RPD
1899-S VAM-7 Doubled 1-99 Top 100 watch for the earlier stage with clear repunching
1902-O VAM-26A Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering, Near Date, Clashed Obverse G ECDM seriously cool clashed die variety
1921-P VAM-3AM3 Scribbling Die Scratches #28, Die File Lines Forehead & Neck, Break Forehead yeah, she's got a headache
1921-P Peace VAM-1A Die Break Reverse Right Field Peace Elite 30 nice break in reverse field
1922-P VAM-12A Moustache, Doubled Lower Reverse Peace Top 50 the moustache is a classic

John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2014.
1. 1878-CC VAM-28
2. 1879-S VAM-50
3. 1880-P VAM-8
4. 1882-P VAM-24 - make sure it's the early stage with the bold MPD
5. 1885-CC VAM-4
6. 1888-P VAM-6
7. 1901-O VAM-34
8. 1902-P VAM-4
9. 1902-O VAM-54
10.1922-D VAM-2A
11.1922-S VAM-10
12.1924-P VAM-8A

John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2013.
1.1878-P VAM-9
2.1878-S VAM-41
3.1887-O VAM-22A, 1887-O VAM-22B
4.1888-S VAM-13
5.1890-CC VAM-4
6.1891-O VAM-14,1891-O VAM-14A
7.1895-S VAM-4
8.1900-O VAM-9
9.1901-P VAM-3
10.1903-O VAM-4A
11.1921-P VAM-3i
12.1923-P VAM-1D
13.1924-P VAM-5A

John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2012.
1.1878-P VAM-229
2.1878-CC VAM-24
3.1878-S VAM-18, 1878-S VAM-18A
4.1879-S VAM-65
5.1880-P VAM-1A2
6.1880-O VAM-43
7.1885-S VAM-6
8.1889-CC VAM-2A
9.1895-O VAM-3A
10.1921-P Peace VAM-3
11.1922-P VAM-2C2
12.1934-D VAM-4

John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2011.
1.1878-P VAM-44,1878-P VAM-44A
2.1878-CC VAM-13
3.1878-S VAM-58
4.1880-P VAM-23
5.1882-O VAM-3A
6.1888-O VAM-15
7.1891-O VAM-1A3
8.1894-S VAM-1A , 1894-S VAM-12 , 1894-S VAM-13
9.1903-S VAM-2
10.1922-P VAM-2A
11.1923-D VAM-1H