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This is the list of 1878 Morgan Dollar 8 Tailfeather varieties. Eight tailfeather Morgans are of particular interest to VAMmers for a number of reasons:
1. They were the first Morgans produced. The first Morgan Dollar variety to be struck was the 1878-P VAM-9.
2. Because the engravers were "getting things right" with the new design, there are many interesting VAM features on 8tf Morgans, including outstanding doubling and tripling of devices, unique "engraved" tailfeathers, some nice die cracks, and an overall appealing strike and depth that can be seen on nice AU and MS pieces.
3. There are many very rare 8tf varieties (many of the VAM 14.x coins are in this catgory) that are an excruciating challenge to find.
4. Many 8tf varieties have attractive PL/DMPL (mirrored) surfaces.
At this point in the VAM timeline, new 8tf varieties are rarely discovered. That said, the most seasoned VAMmers will always check the obverse and reverse of any 8tf they examine just to make sure the proper dies are "married." This is because there were so many different die marriages, that maybe the examiner would come across one that has yet to surface, and hence have a new VAM. Any new 8tf VAM discovery is BIG news for the VAM community.
1878-P VAM-1 8TF Doubled E
1878-P VAM-2 8TF Doubled Reverse
1878-P VAM-2A 8TF Doubled Reverse with Clashed Letters
1878-P VAM-3 8TF Doubled Reverse
1878-P VAM-4 8TF Doubled Date
1878-P VAM-5 8TF DDO particularly R-I-B in PLURIBUS. (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-6 8TF Doubled Motto
1878-P VAM-7 8TF Spiked "A"
1878-P VAM-8 8TF Stick Feather (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-9 8TF First Morgan Dollar. Comma Feather Reverse (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-9A 8TF Clashed Obverse n & t (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-10 8TF Doubled Motto
1878-P VAM-12 8TF Eye Dots
1878-P VAM-13 8TF Concave Field (see VAM-14.4)
1878-P VAM-14 8TF Doubled Motto
1878-P VAM-14A 8TF Doubled Motto, Clashed Observe n
1878-P VAM-14.1 8TF Alligator Eye
1878-P VAM-14.1A 8tf Alligator Eye, Clashed Observe n
1878-P VAM-14.2 8TF Polished Ear
1878-P VAM-14.3 8TF Doubled Reverse
1878-P VAM-14.4 8TF Concave Field
1878-P VAM-14.4A 8TF Concave Field, Clashed Observe In & t
1878-P VAM-14.5 8TF Spiked "A" with Open Nostril (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-14.6 8TF Dot on ear
1878-P VAM-14.7 8TF Dot Next to Ear
1878-P VAM-14.8 8TF Doubled Eyelid
1878-P VAM-14.9 8TF Spiked Eye, polish in 1st 8 of date.
1878-P VAM-14.10 8TF Cracked Bonnet
1878-P VAM-14.11 8TF Wild Eye Spikes (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-14.12 8TF Double Date, Eye Dots
1878-P VAM-14.13 8TF Doubled Eyelid
1878-P VAM-14.14 8TF Eye Chip
1878-P VAM-14.15 8TF Doubled Motto
1878-P VAM-14.16 8TF Doubled Profile and Date
1878-P VAM-14.17 8TF Doubled Date and Hair
1878-P VAM-14.18 8TF Doubled Liberty
1878-P VAM-14.19 8TF Break by 8 of date (late die state)
1878-P VAM-14.20 8TF Tripled Date & Right Stars
1878-P VAM-15 8TF Doubled Liberty (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-16 8TF Tripled Stars
1878-P VAM-17 8TF Diagonal in 8
1878-P VAM-18 8TF Doubled Date, Clashed n
1878-P VAM-19 8TF Doubled Date
1878-P VAM-20 8TF Doubled Date, Clashed n
1878-P VAM-21 8TF Broken R_B
1878-P VAM-22 8TF Doubled ERTY,
1878-P VAM-22A 8TF Doubled ERTY, Clashed Obserse n & t
1878-P VAM-23 8TF Doubled profile (nose, lips, & chin) (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)