1928-S VAM-6A

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1928-S VAM-6A Doubled Motto, Designer’s Initials, Die File Lines

Discovered by George Powell, March 2006.
6A II 4 · B2a (Doubled Motto, Designer’s Initials, Die File Lines) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 4– Heavy die file lines in field around ERT in attempt to remove die clash marks.
Reverse B2a– Some heavy die file lines at top of eagle’s right shoulder and above DOL to remove die clash marks.



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May 2016: One example has been found without the reverse die polishing lines but with either heavy die pitting, a planchet error ("occluded gas"?), or very odd and not-to-be-expected coin damage. If you come across anything like this, please contact unicorn_incognito. Thanks:
Unicorn 1928-S VAM-6A reverse maybe error.JPG

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