1928-S Quick Reference

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1928-S VAMs Quick Reference

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White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1928-S VAM-1 Normal Die
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-1A Die File Lines Reverse
Agjoe 1928 S VAM 1A.JPG
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1928-S VAM-2 Medium High S
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-3 Doubled Motto Strong Lower Right, Medium High S (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
1928-S VAM-3 Doubled OD WE.jpg1928-S VAM-3 Doubled Rear Rays.jpg
1928-S VAM-3 Medium High S 2.jpg1928-S VAM-3 Double Curved Lines.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-3A Doubled Motto Strong Lower Right, Medium High S, Die File Lines (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)
1928-S VAM-3A Die File Lines.jpg1928-S VAM-3A Doubled TR File Lines.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-4 Doubled TRV, Nose & Lips, Medium High S
1928-S VAM-4 Dbld TRV.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-5 Doubled TRV, Nose & Lips
1928-S VAM-5 Dbld Nose & Lips.jpg1928-S VAM-5 Dbld Motto Initials.jpg1928-S VAM-5 Dbld OD WE.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-6 Doubled Motto, Designer’s Initials
1928-S VAM-6 PLATE 25 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-6A Doubled Motto, Designer’s Initials, Die File Lines
ARS 1928 S VAM6A 2.jpgARS 1928 S VAM6A 4.jpgARS 1928 S VAM6A 7.jpgARS 1928 S VAM6A 8.jpg
ARS 1928 S VAM6A 1.jpgARS 1928 S VAM6A 5.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-7 Doubled Motto to Right, Medium High S
1928-S VAM 7 Polishing Line.jpg
1928-S VAM 7 Dbld TR.jpg || 1928-S VAM-7 Dbld Hair Back.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-7A Doubled Motto to Right, Medium High S, Split 9
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-8 Slightly Doubled WE TR, Medium High S
1928-S VAM-8 File Lines Face.jpg1928-S VAM-8 Lines Between Rays.jpg1928-S VAM-8 Slightly Dbld TR.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-9 Doubled Motto Lower Right, Medium High S
1928-S VAM-9 Dbld OD WE.jpg1928-S VAM-9 Dbld TR Polishing Lines.jpg
1928-S VAM-9 Dbld Hair Polishing Lines.jpg1928-S VAM-9 Polishing Line Ray.jpg1928-S VAM 9 Polishing Line OL.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-10 Slightly Doubled WE TR to Right, Medium High S
1928-S VAM 10 Dbld WE.jpg1928-S VAM-10 Double Curved Lines.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-11 Doubled Motto D W TR to Right
1928-S VAM-11 Dbld D W.jpg1928-S VAM-11 Dbld-TR.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-11A Doubled Motto D W TR to Right, Double Clash Spikes Eagle's Shoulder
1928-S VAM-11A Double Clash Spikes.jpg
Camera.jpg1928-S VAM-12 Slightly Doubled D WE TR to Right
1928-S-12-jbc-DWE.jpg || 1928-S-12-jbc-R.jpg