1924-P VAM-1W

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Discovered by Gary Streich, October 2005.
1W II 1 B2a (Long Twin Clash Spikes Eagle's Clipped Shoulder, Clashed Obverse N) I-4 R-5
Obverse II 1- Clashed die with double top of N vertical bar of UNUM from reverse showing in neck crevice next to T in TRVST.
Reverse B2a- Severe die clashes showing double long vertical clash spikes up from eagle's right shoulder from back of neck of obverse up across ray to N of UNUM. Part of eagle's right shoulder clipped off from clash with die file lines around shoulder.

  1. The pictured coin seems to be a later die state than LVA's photos as there several differences. First, the entire obverse has pitting. You can see this pitting in the "Clashed N" photo. This alone should qualify it as a sub-variety if it were sent into LVA. Secondly, It would seem that the area where the Clashed "N" is on the Obverse (left of the "T" in "TRVST") is less pronounced due to additional die polishing to try to stop the die crack on the neck from getting larger and or to remove this clash. The die crack on the neck can not be seen in LVA's photo as well. Finally, on the reverse you can see additional file lines such as in the second "U" in "UNUM"


LVA Plate Photos:

1924-P VAM-1W Dbl Clash Spikes.jpg 1924-P VAM-1W Dbl Clash N.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

Full coin photo by: PEACEMAN
1924 1W PM 1.JPG

1924 1W PM 2.JPG