1924-P VAM-1D2

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1924-P VAM-1D2 "E" on Reverse, Clashed Obverse N

Discovery 2014 - davidkclose
1D2 II1 - B2a ("E" on Reverse, Clashed Obverse N) I-2 R-6
Obverse II1 - Die 2 - Clashed die with faint double bottom of N vertical bar of UNUM from reverse showing in neck crevice next to T in TRVST. Same die as for VAM 1 W, but later die state.

1. per leroy - Made new 1D2 for different obv same as 1W. Die clash mark at rt of olive leaves is lower than 1W rev. Polishing line between CE in PEACE not on 1W rev. Obv is same die as 1W but later die state from additional die chips in GOD. Obv is not original one for clashed E, doesn't have clash line to left side of E in WE. - commentary from D/C coin.


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