1924-P VAM-1AN

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1924-P VAM-1AN Pitted Obverse #4

Discovered by Jason Henrichsen, August of 2009
1AN II1 - B2a (Pitted Obverse #4) I-2 R-6
Obverse II1 - Raised dots and small splotches in fields mainly at left and top, plus some Liberty head, face, and neck. Different die from VAM-1AK which doesn't have pitting at date.


  1. Orange-peel surfaces with large, splotchy pits all over obverse. Slight doubling on upper olive branches that Leroy noted but declined to list.
  2. Die Markers - Small diagonal gouge to lower-right of 4 an two long die curving die scratches approximately 1/2 inch above 2nd L of DOLLAR. Other die markers include a small diagonal die scratch runs parallel to the ray in the space below the O in DOLLAR, and a diagonal die scratch in the top left of the opening in D of DOLLAR.


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