1922-P VAM-7B

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1922-P VAM-7B Doubled Wing

This coin is a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.
7B II 1 · B2e (Doubled Wing) I-5 R-5
Obverse II 1 - Die 2 - Combined with later die state of reverse with tiny raised dot between TR.
Reverse B2e - Strong doubling on eagle’s right wing edge down to leg with slight doubling of right leg edge. Doubled middle olive leaves on lower edge. Slightly doubled middle and right talons lower edge, back of leg feathers, tail feather edge above legs and three rays below ONE.

1. NGC labels Leroy Van Allen's VAM-7 Die Pair 2 as VAM-7B. ANACS labels this die pair as VAM-7.2. PCGS does not distinguish between the two die pairs. VAM-7B is identified by the dot between the T and R in TRUST.


LVA Plate Photos:

1922-P VAM-7 Die2 Dot TR.jpg

Additional Photos:

1922 VAM 7B Photo 1.jpg

NLM-1922-v7b-aka7.2-082215-1.JPG NLM-1922-v7b-aka7.2-082215-2.JPG

Full Coin Photos

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July 5, 2010
Coins attributed as VAM-7 may be die pair 1 or 2.