1922-P VAM-2E2

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1922-P VAM-2E2 Reverse Wing Die Break, Gouge Between 19

4/2010 - VAM-2E was reassigned 2E2 with discovery of VAM-2E1
This coin is a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.
2E2 II 1 · B2a (Reverse Wing Die Break, Gouge Between 19) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1– Shallow vertical die gouge bar between 1 and 9 in date.
Reverse B2a– Die break on left side of middle of eagle’s wing showing as a tear drop.



LVA Pate Photos:

1922-P VAM-2E Break Back.jpg 1922-P VAM-2E Vertical Gouge 19.jpg

Additional Photos:

Ja22-2E-wingbreak.jpg Ja22-2E-wingbreakx.jpg
(The coin in the photo below is graded MS-64 by PCGS)
Photos courtesy of Randy Burgess
1922Pvam2e 1.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-2E2 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions]

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