1922-P VAM-2CJ

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1922-P VAM-2CJ Die Break Left of S in STATES

Discovered by Jason Henrichsen, July 2009
2CJ II 1 - B2a (Die Break Left of S in STATES) I-2 R-6
Obverse II1 - Normal die. Obverse displays light pitting and machine doubling left.
Reverse B2a - Radial die crack from rim down on left side of S in STATES with displaced field die break.

1. The field displacement on either side of the break. The depth of the break in the die indicates it likely caused terminal die failure early in it's life, hence the R-6 rarity designation. Be on the lookout for this, and possibly even later die states, of this cool and interesting VAM.


LVA Plate Photos:

VAMfinder 1922-P VAM-2CJ-PUP Break.JPG

Additional Photos:

Photos are of Discovery/Plate coin.
VAMfinder 1922-P VAM-2CJ S-Break-to-Rim.JPEG

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