1922-P VAM-2C1

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1922-P VAM-2C1 Extra Hair Die Break

Discovered by Elmer Michaels, May 1977.
This coin is a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.
2C1 II1 - B2a (Extra Hair) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1 - Curved die break at back of hair.
Reverse B2a - Normal die.

1. Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, multiple die pairings may exist.
2. Very late die state with second break above curved break is 1922-P VAM-2C2.


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Additional Photos:

1922-P VAM 2C - Wiki 02.jpg
Later die state 2C1
Ja1922 2c1 lds1.jpg

Ja1922 2c1 lds2.jpg

DSC 0623 (2).jpg
Die break visible in the back of liberty's hair. Shaped like a backward "C", these breaks are fairly large and raised well above the hair.
1922 vam2c.jpg1922-P VAM 2C - Wiki 01.jpg

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