1922-P VAM-2BD

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1922-P VAM-2BD Long Spike Eagle’s Shoulder #4

Revised 2014 - colonelwillys
2BD II 1 · B2a (Long Spike Eagle’s Shoulder #4) I-2 R-5
Reverse B2a– Heavy die clash showing as long vertical raised spike up from eagle’s right shoulder from back of neck of obverse up to right side of first U in UNUM. Polishing lines around eagle’s right shoulder on some specimens. Raised Die chip inside left U in PLURIBUS.

1- Different than 2R2. Listing reinstated July 2012.
2- Some 2BD . Unlisted die chip inside left U in PLURIBUS. Add to description Nov 13 2014.

1. GatorXUV Coin http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/69750186

LVA Plate Photos:

1922-P VAM-2BD Long Spike 4.jpg1922-P VAM-2BD Long Clash Spike 4.jpg
Revision Plate 2014
Colwillys 1922 P 1344.jpg

Additional Photos:

Heavy die crack across eagles face
Die crack and spike
2 clashes of Liberty's face above left wing (like the letter V)

Full Coin Photos