1922-P VAM-2BA1

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1922-P VAM-2BA1 Die Break Behind Rays, Collar Clash Reverse 4-5 O'clock

Revised 2009. Revised 2018 Roger Beckner
2BA1 II 1 - B2a (Die Break Behind Rays, Collar Clash Reverse 4-5 O'clock) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 1– Small narrow and short die break at back of rays. A few die chips at similar location as VAM 2C die break in lower hair rear.

Reverse B2a– Collar clash of reeding on rim below mountains.

1. Note: Occurs with rotated reverse of 40 degrees CW & also 90 degrees.


LVA Plate Photos:

1922-P VAM-2BA Break Behind Rays.jpg 22P V2BA1 001.jpg

Additional Photos:

Cah-22pc-tophair.jpg Cah-22pc-lowerhair.jpg

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