1922-P VAM-1G

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1922-P VAM-1G Die Break in Rear Rays

Discovered by David Close.
1G II 1 · B1a (Die Break in Rear Rays) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1– Slanted die break thru last two rays of the Tiara.

1. Note- This VAM appear to share the same obverse as 1922-P VAM-2U due to similar PUPs in the same location - the difference, aside from different reverse types, is that the VAM-1G is a die gouge and the 1922-P VAM-2U is a die break with other breaks nearby. The 1922-P VAM-2U has a B2 reverse while the VAM-1G has a B1 reverse. Although the earlier B1 reverse is, in general, tougher to locate, the VAM-2U (with the B2 reverse) appears to be more rare - at least according to noted Peace VAM collector Eric Justice.


LVA Plate Photos:

1922-P VAM-1G Break Rear Rays.jpg

Additional Photos:

Die gouge of VAM-1G:
1922p vam2u.jpg
B1 reverse (olive branch away from eagle's claw):
1922p b2 reverse.jpg
The two hills found on all B1 reverses:
1922p b1 reverse 2hills.jpg

Full Coin Photos

ANACS 64, NGC 63, NGC 63