1922-P VAM-17

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1922-P VAM-17 Doubled Wing Edge and Lower Reverse

Discovered by David Close, October 1999.
17 II 1 · B2m (Doubled Wing Edge and Lower Reverse) I-4 R-5
Reverse B2m– Strong doubling on the edge of eagle’s right wing from top down to tail feathers, right edge of right leg feathers, and two top olive leaves on right edge. Also doubling on remaining olive leaves, berries and branches on bottom edge, bottom edge of eagle’s right talon, bottom edge of left leg rear feathers, all rays below tail feathers on left side and left side of two rays above and one ray below E of ONE.

1. VAM 14 is very similar, and also forms a crack from the front of the neck. It qualifies as an evil mimic.


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1922-P VAM-17 Dbld Wing & Rays.jpg

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