1921-P VAM-27A

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1921-P VAM-27A Wide Reed with gouges over ST of STATES

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 2003..
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM
27A IV 21 · D1a (Infrequently Reeded, Tripled Neck, Reverse Die Gouges) (157) I-3 R-5
Reverse D1a– Two short die gouges or flakes down from denticles above ST in STATES, with short faint one to right above first T. Middle die state shows just beginnings of die flakes. Late die state shows diagonal points on flakes. Very late die state shows diagonal polishing lines around eagle’s right wing tip, In and STAT. (Formerly VAM 2A & 29A)
In 1921 there was a different collar used to strike some coins. This collar had less reeding causing the wide reeding variety to be created. The wide reed VAMs, or infrequently reeded VAMs are available if you look for them. Stack a group of 1921-P coins and examine their edge. Any wide reeds will stand out as having "thicker" reeds and can be quickly pulled out. High grade examples are harder to come by, not because they don't exist but because they can't be cherried from slabbed holders which hide the edge of the coin. Shown here is a VAM-27A, a wide reed variety with die gouges about STATES.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

ASH 1921-P VAM-27A.jpg
Above photos and text courtesy of Ash Harrison.
comp photo showing reeded edges
1921 wide reed edge.jpg
Late die state with flakes over S and T of STATES
1921p vam27a lds h.jpg
Medium Die state with gouges over T in STATES
1921p vam27a mds a.jpg
A small die gouge can be used to confirm that the MDS and LDS coins are indeed the same die.
1921p vam27a rev d.jpg
There are numerous polishing lines on the obverse to assist in attribution:
1921-P VAM-27 Ear.jpg
LDS example:
NESVT2009042 1921P 27A 1.JPGNESVT2009042 1921P 27A 2.JPG
NESVT2009042 1921P 27A 3.JPGNESVT2009042 1921P 27A 4.JPG
Copyrighted© 1921-P VAM-27A images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of John Austin
Ja21-27A-dent.jpg Ja21-27A-wing.jpg
Ja21-d1-beak.jpg Ja21-d1-D-wing.jpg
Ja21-d1-g-A.jpg Ja21-d1-ing.jpg
Ja21-d1-libe.jpg Ja21-d1-L-leg.jpg
Ja21-d1-ngo.jpg Ja21-d1-scrib.jpg
Ja21-d1-wing-S.jpg Ja21-d1-wreath.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photos VAM-27A on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Heritage