1921-D VAM-4

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1921-D VAM-4 Dots on Reverse

Discovered by Fred Weinberg, October 1979.
Revised 2008
4 (revised) IV1 - D2a (Dots on Reverse, Scribbling Die Scratches) (189) I-3 R-5
Reverse D2a- Small circular raised dot on field above left olive leaf cluster with smaller dot just to left of it. Additional very small dots at junction of eagle's wing and neck, on lower middle of eagle's right wing, in middle of eagle's sixth tail feather, and to left of arrow feather ends on field. Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg, between eagle’s left wing and body, and in middle of both wings. Die marker- Raised dot in field above left olive cluster and two heavy diagonal polishing lines at top of eagle's right leg.
1- February 2009 update: In response to a submission to potentially list the well-known 1921-D VAM-1D for scribbling scratches, Leroy responded, "VAM-1D became VAM-4 with dot above olive leaves." Hence, it seems that the famous 1D is eliminated as the 1921-D VAM-4.
2- There is a listing for VAM-4A in the 'Scribbles Guide' that is the actual former VAM-1D. It didn't appear in the 2009 update however.
3- Text as per 2008 Scribbles Guide.

LVA Plate Photos

Former 1921-D VAM-1D
1921-D VAM-1BA Break M Top Rt.jpg

Additional Photos

The three photos below are all of the same coin, submitted to Leroy in February 2009. Dot above olive leaves:
1921-D VAM-4 dot.jpg
Late die state (LDS) scribbling scratches, probably more visible on EDS example of the VAM-4:
1921-D VAM-4 former 1D LDS scribbles.jpg
This die variety also has a small dot in the eagle's right shoulder. Some Morgan researchers now believe that these small dots, found on many 1921 Morgan dollars, are the result of inferior die steel. Others have hypothesized that the dots are from hardness tests or used to uniquely identify a specific die. The mystery remains unsolved and the VAM-1D is one example of the strangely dotted dies
1921d vam1d 5.jpg
21d obv 1d.gif21d rev 1d.gif