1921-D VAM-1F2

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1921-D VAM-1F2 Die Breaks A, O, M Reverse; E, BUS Obverse

Discovery 2014; Revised 2016
1F2 (revised) IV1 - D2a (Die Breaks A, O, M Reverse; E, BUS Obverse)
Obverse IV1 - Die break rim-to-rim at E with displaced field break and die crack at BUS-UN with displaced field break on LDS.

DPIS – In 1921 dates were part of the master die so there is no variation in position.

Emission Sequence



LVA Plate Photos:

Scribbles shot

Additional Photos:

The VAM-1F die break forms a triangle inside the top center of the M in AMERICA. There is also a small break extending from the top left of the E.
1921d vam1f 7.jpg
1921d vam1f lds 3.jpg
Another small die break extends to the top right of the A in STATES. This break is visible on the coin before the small die break forms on the M and E of AMERICA so it is useful to identifying EDS VAM-1F coins.
1921d vam1f 2.jpg
Very late die states of this coin have a “horned O” die break on the word OF. A similar break occurs on several 1921-D varieties including VAM-1V and VAM-1M.
1921d vam1f 6.jpg
Ja21D-1F2-1.jpg Ja21D-1F2-M.jpg
Ja21D-1F2-I.jpg Ja21D-1F2-Ufield.jpg
21d obv 1f.gif21d rev 1f.gif

Full Coin Photos


Later die state with rim break not into field.
1921 D PCGSMS63 BHJ obv.jpg

1921 D PCGSMS63 BHJ rev.jpg