1904-O VAM-46

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1904-O VAM-46 Doubled 4 Top

Discovery 2010
46 III2-21 C4a (Doubled 4 Top ) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2-21 - 4 slightly doubled at top outside as thin horizontal line. Tiny bit of doubling on nose profile. Date in middle of lateral position.
Die marker - Two diagonal die scratches on middle wheat leaf over to right one.
Reverse C4a Die #1: III O mint mark set slightly high and centered.
Die marker - Short vertical die scratch below olive branch near olive.
Reverse C4a Die #2: III O mint mark centered and tilted very slightly left.
Die marker - Broken horizontal line in wing-neck gap.

1. There are two reverse dies associated with the VAM-46. They are Die #1 and Die #2 of course. They both share the same obverse die.


LVA Plate Photo:

Additional Photos:


The following images are of the obverse die, and common to both die pairs.
KRJ 1904O V46.1 4 101015.jpg KRJ 1904O V46 Liberty 101015.jpg
Cap and fold at field.
KRJ 1904O V46 CapFold 101015.jpg
First right star has gouge and doubling.
KRJ 1904O V46 Star 101015.jpg
Die 1 details.
KRJ 1904O V46.1 Bow 101015.jpg KRJ 1904O V46.1 Tail 101015.jpg

KRJ 1904O V46.1 TalonArea 101015.jpg KRJ 1904O V46.1 NeckGap 101015.jpg
Die 2 details

Early examples may show doubling of mint mark.
KRJ 1904O V46.2b MM 101015.jpg KRJ 1904O V46.2 Tail 101015.jpg

KRJ 1904O V46.2b WingGap 101015.jpg KRJ 1904O V46.2b Bow 101015.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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