1904-O VAM-42A

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1904-O VAM-42A Doubled Profile, High O Tilted Left, Die Break 4

Discovery 2010
42A III2-7 - C4g (Doubled Profile, High O Tilted Left, Die Break 4) (181) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 7--Radial die crack to rim below 4 with small die break at lower left of 4 and filled top. Raised dots from rusted die at eye front.
Die Marker - Horizontal die scratch below "S" in PLURIBUS.

1. New unlisted die combo of doubled profile of VAM-11 Obv III2-7 combined with VAM-15 Rev C4g with high O tilted left, set right. Also, according to Leroy, the break at the 4 in the date MUST be there to be a V42A. Otherwise, it is a V42. (By the way, Leroy's reference to the V11 obverse and V15 reverse are merely the "die classification" system still at work. They are not the same dies. By the way, the V15 has since been delisted the same as the V31.)


LVA Plate Photos:

1904 O VAM 42A break 4.jpg

Additional Photos:

The date placement for reference.
KRJ 1904O V42A cud 101417.jpg

Full Coin Photos

LFCS Photos and attribution by Kurt R. Johnson.
KRJ 1904O V42A Ob 101417.jpg
KRJ 1904O V42A Re 101417.jpg