1904-O VAM-41

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1904-O VAM-41 Doubled Earlobe, O Tilted Left

Discovery 2009
41 III2 19 - C4a (Doubled Earlobe, O Tilted Left) (181) I-4 R-5
Obverse III2 19 - Slightly doubled profile from hair front down to upper neck, lower edge of hair anf top of Phrygian cap. Date in middle of normal lateral position. Engraving lines on jaw and upper neck edge to remove die doubling. Similar jaw engraving as 1878-S VAM-29/31.
Reverse C4a - Very slight doubling/tripling on UNITED TATE. Heavy die polishing in tail feathers.



LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Re-Engraved Neck
ARS 1904 O V41 engraved neck.jpg
Long Scratch Along Liberty's Jaw
ARS 1904 O V41 long scratch at jaw.jpg

NESVT20101002 1904O 41 1.JPG NESVT20101002 1904O 41 2.JPG

NESVT20101002 1904O 41 3.JPG NESVT20101002 1904O 41 4.JPG

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy Kurt R. Johnson ' ATTRIBUTED BY 'Kurt R. Johnson