1904-O VAM-33B

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1904-O VAM-33B Dbld UNITED & Wreath, Clashed Obv. In, Counterclash, Pitting Wing

Delisted became 1904-O VAM-35B

33B III21 · C3l (Dbld UNITED & Wreath, Clashed Obv In, Counterclash, Pitting Wing) (189) I-3 R-6
Reverse C3l- Band of rusted die pitting from lower right edge of eagle's left wing down to tip of upper arrow head. Two diagonal die gouges at top right of A in DOLLAR.
COMMENTS: The double "gouges" above the A of DOLLAR are the primary die marker with the pitting only appearing on the LDS version. Sometime before the pitting forms under the wing, rims cuds form from above the last U of PLURIBUS all the way to the top right star but are not mentioned in the official description since they do not enter the field (see third picture below).
Primary die marker for VAM-33B:
NESVT20081214 1904O 33B 1.JPG
Additional die marker only present on LDS specimens:
NESVT20081214 1904O 33B 2.JPG
Rim cud most prominent above IB of PLURIBUS:
Obverse clashed In:
BHJNEW 1904-O NECK.jpg
Distinct trio of die cracks:
BHJNEW 1904-O RIC.jpg
PCGS 65, Old PCGS 64, NGC 63, PCGS 62