1904-O VAM-33

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Delisted in 2010. VAM-33 cannot exist as an interim die state of the VAM-35 series.
33 III21 · C4l (Doubled UNITED & Left Wreath, Clashed
Obverse In) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse III21– Very slightly doubled profile of nose, lips and chin. Strongly clashed dies with partial incuse lower part of I and left side of n from In of reverse next to Liberty head neck. (Formerly VAM 28B)
Reverse C4l– Doubled UNITED and slightly doubled A-E OF at bottom of letters towards rim and tops of In God We Trust letters. Slightly doubled some middle and outer leaves in left wreath towards rim.
1904-O VAM-33 Dbld UNITED.jpg 1904 O VAM 33 Clashed In2.jpg