1904-O VAM-31

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1904-O VAM-31 Tripled Ear Lobe, High O Tilted Left

Discovered by Brent Fogelberg, Feb. 2003. Revised 2010
31 III215 · C4g (Tripled Ear Lobe, High O Tilted Left) ( 189 ) I-2 R-5
Obverse III215– Ear lobe slightly tripled at bottom that fades away with weak strike and die wear. Date set in normal position.
Die 2. - Very slight doubling of nose bridge. Same die as VAM-10.
Reverse C4g - III O Mint mark set high and slightly right with slant to left. Fine polishing lines in eagle's tail feathers and wings.
Die marker: Diagonal polishing lines in wreath bow and tail feathers.
Die 2 Die marker - Polishing lines in eagle's wing-neck gap.

1. Note: Occurs with rotated reverse of 59-128 degrees CCW.
2. Die 2 has diagonal lines in wing-neck gap.


LVA Plate Photos:

1904-O VAM-31 Tripled Ear Lobe.jpg

Additional Photos:

Die 1
Tripled Ear Lobe
DJC 1904~O TriEar.jpg
Polishing in Tailfeathers
DJC 1904~O Tailfeathers.jpg
Bow Polishing
DJC 1904~O Bow&MM.jpg
Die 1 - Wing-neck gap
Aw 102717u-wing-gap.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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