1904-O VAM-16

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1904-O VAM-16 Slanted Date

Discovered by Martin Field, August 1979.
16 III2 9 C4a (Slanted Date) (181) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 9 - Date slanted with 1 closer to rim.

1. If you think you have this VAM post your images of this variety on the message board and contact LateDateMorganGuy
2. This VAM may not exist as it has likely been duplicated with another listing. Several VAMs have slanted dates, including the VAM-1A and VAM-41/44. The photo shown below is actually what is now called a VAM-41, but it does match the VAM-16 Plate. So which is it, a V16 or V41?


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1904-O VAM 16 Photo 1.jpg

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