1900-P VAM-24

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1900-P VAM-24 Doubled Arrows, Quintupled Obverse Stars

Discovered by John Baumgart, May 1997.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
24 III2 19 C4/C3a (Doubled Eagle, Quintupled Stars) (189) I-4 R-5
Obverse III2 19 - All right stars and 1 and 2 left stars very slightly quintupled towards rim. Rest of left stars doubled and tripled as are tops of NUM.
Reverse C4/C3a- Extra olive to right of olive connected to branch. Doubling of olive leaves in top cluster and first two leaves in the lower cluster, bottom of arrow feathers, shaft and arrow heads, first four tail feather ends, feathers on lower part of eagle's right wing, all of eagle's left wing, eagle's nostril and eye, bottom of top leaves on right wreath and right side of GOD WE-TRU.

1. 1900 VAM-24 Doubled Arrows, Quintupled obverse stars. This variety was discovered after the publication of the Top 100 VAM book. The 1900 VAM-11 Doubled Arrows reverse was featured but a sharp-eyed collector noticed some of the coins had a different obverse with quintupled stars showing small shelf-like lines toward the rims.
2. There is a Die Scratch in front of the eye on VAM-11; the VAM-24 has an "alligator eye".
3. VAM 24 represents the earlier die stage of this reverse.


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VAM-11 is one of the most consistently mis-attributed VAMs in many collections. All of the early examples of the Top 100 reverse were attributed as VAM-11, since a different obverse die was not noticed and listed for years. Most, and nearly all very high grade specimens are VAM-24. The date position is not as easy as the differences in Liberty's eye for differentiating the two.