1900-O VAM-10

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1900-O VAM-10 O/CC O Over CC Low

Discovered by Martin Field, September 1979. Revised August - thetinman
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
10 (revised) III2 5 - C3e (O/CC Low, Doubled Peripheral Reverse, Near Date) (181) I-4 R-7
Obverse III2 5- No diagonal die clash line at Liberty head neck.
Reverse C3e - Single short vertical die clash line n of In.
Die marker - Double X polishing at eagle's left leg inside.

1. The key features for verification of this VAM are the small die scratch to the left of the wreath bow on the reverse and the polishing lines within LIBERTY on the obverse.
2. The O/CC dollars were created when discarded dies from the then-defunct Carson City mint were reworked, and used in New Orleans for the 1900-O dollars. The remains of the CC's were not well eliminated and they can be seen below the O mint mark.
3. Eleven different VAMs are known with O/CC reverses: VAM-7, 7A, 8, 8A, 8B, 9, 10, 10A, 11 and 12. VAM-10 pictured here is less rare than VAMs 7, 7A and 9 but still very desirable.

4.1900 O/CC Revision Letter

LVA Plate Photos:

1900-O VAM-7 & 10 O CC Low.jpg

Additional Photos:

1900o vam10 a.jpg.jpg
This coin has been verified in hand by John Roberts as an early VAM-10 die state. It has no obverse clash marks.


1900 O V10 TINMAN4COMP1.jpg

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