1899-O VAM-4

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1899-O VAM-4 Small Micro O Tilted Slightly Right, Doubled Leaves

Discovered by George Mallis, June 1965.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
4(revised) III22 · C3c (Small Micro O Tilted Slightly Right, Doubled Leaves) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse III22– Date in center of normal lateral position. Closed's 9's in date. Last 9 doesn’t have partially filled lower loop. Clashed die on later die state but no clashed letters show. Diagonal clash line from neck above jaw-neck junction.
Die marker– Single horizontal polishing line between left top of upper cotton leaf and right wheat leaf.
Reverse C3c– Small micro I O mint mark with slight tilt to right and set slightly high and to right, but not as high as VAMs 5, 6 and 31. Slightly doubled outside edges of middle leaves in clusters of left and right wreaths.
Die marker– Heavy horizontal polishing line on middle tail feather two-thirds way up.



LVA Plate Photos:

1899-O VAM-4 Micro-O Tilted Rt., Set Rt..jpg 1899-O VAM-4 Wing Edge.jpg 1899-O VAM-4 Dbld Left Leaves.jpg

Additional Photos:

1899 Micro-O VAM 4 tail feather die gouge.
Figure 6 vam4 rev.jpg
1899 Micro-O VAM 4 reverse die cracks.
Figure 7 vam4 cracks.jpg
Micro O compared to a normal O.
Figure 1 micro o normal o.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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