1897-P VAM-6A

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1897-P VAM-6A Near Date, Pitted Reverse

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, June 1984.
6A III2 6 C3a (Near Date, Pitted Reverse) (190) I-2 R-3 This is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
Reverse C3a - Die is pitted to left below the eagle's tail feathers and in the lower left wreath as in VAM 1A.
Comments: The 1897 VAM-1A and VAM-6A feature the same distinctively pitted reverse. No VAM-1A coins are currently known to exist. With thousands of eyes seeking this coin over the last 10 years since the publishing of the Top 100 book, it is almost certain that the 1A does not exist. The listed difference between the VAM-1A and the VAM-6A is the placement of the date, which is further to the left for the 6A and "normal" for the VAM-1A. The reverse die used to make this coin had significant rust pit the lower portion. Pitting on Morgans typically occurs on the reverse. This side is the anvil or bottom die and apparently moisture would sometimes collect and cause the pitting seen here. The VAM-6A is an extremely pitted coin to an extent not seen again until 1921. The VAM-6A is one of the easier Top 100 Morgans to find, and supply currently exceeds demand. The VAM-6A is often found in mint state or higher circulated grade.

LVA Plate Photos

1897-P VAM-6A Pitted Rev.jpg

Additional Photos

1897 vam6a reva.jpg
NESVT20110110 1897P 6A 03.JPG
.All examples of the 'pitted reverse'
share the same obverse - whether it is called near or normal date position. The die has a 'J' shaped scratch
from the bottom of the ear.
97 v6a scratch ear.jpg
There is a degree of subjective opinion regarding date placement in the variety description, and this is certainly
the cause of the lingering question regarding the existence of the VAM-1A
1897-P VAM6Adate18.jpg
In later die state, die cracks are observed from the left wreath through the wing to the S of STATES, and in an arc fron the rim througn the U of UNITED and back to th rim below the O of ONE.
DJC 1897 6A Ucrack.jpg DJC 1897 6A WingCrack.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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