1891-P VAM-2A

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1891-P VAM-2A Doubled Ear, Mustache, Clashed Obverse n

Discovered by Steve Sabella, April 1980.
This coin is a Top 100 and a WOW! Morgan VAM.
2A(revised) III22 · C3a (Doubled Ear, Mustache, Clashed Obverse n) ( ? ) I-3 R-5
Obverse III22– Die break in front of upper lip from clashed die with faint partial incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck.

1. The VAM-2A is a late die state of the fairly common VAM-2 doubled ear. It shows the same doubling of the lower earlobe on the obverse. A small die break occurred on Liberty's upper lip and can be seen as a "moustache" shape. This doubled ear, die break combination is exceptionally rare and should be snatched up in any grade, even very low-end circulated specimens. Sometimes only a small part of the moustache is visible as the break has not developed fully. These are desirable but not worth as much as the full moustache break.


LVA Plate Photos:

1891-P VAM-2A Clashed n.jpg1891-P VAM-2A Mustache.jpg

Additional Photos:

1891 vam2a obv b.jpg1891 vam2 obv.jpg
Sometimes an early die state of the moustache break is found. Below is an example of an EDS break. Typically, the EDS does not bring as much as a full moustache break.

Full Coin Photos

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Early Die State