1890-S VAM-2A

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1890-S VAM-2A S/S Left, Doubled Ear Inside

Discovery 2016 by John Higginbotham
2A III2 9 - C3b (S/S Left, Doubled Ear Inside) (190)
Obverse III2 9 - 89 MPD polished away. Doubled ear at left and right inside from die polishing. Die marker of vertical polishing line to right of right wheat leaf remains.
Reverse C3b - Re-punched IV S mint mark remains. Polished reverse with die scratches in eagle's wing-neck gap polished away with only couple of raised dots remaining. Diagonal lines and long horizontal polishing line at eagle's left leg in upper tail feathers remain but weakened.
(Formerly VAM-2)

Emission Sequence


  1. This EXACT reverse is shared with 1890-S VAM-2, 1890-S VAM-2A, 1890-S VAM-2B and 1890-S VAM-29. VAMs 2B and 29 are later die state reverses and have a die break across the eagle's left wing.


LVA Plate Photos:

1890-S-V26-PLATE2.jpg 1890-S-V26-PLATE1.jpg
2016 Revision Plate

Additional Photos:

1890-S VAM 26 Photo 1.jpg 1890-S VAM 26 Photo 2.jpg
Here is the D shaped void comps for the obverse- The V29 has almost the exact date placement but clearly a different die

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photos of VAM-2A courtesy of Heritage and Attributed by TMANHG