1890-S VAM-2

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1890-S VAM-2 S/S Left, 89 in Denticles

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen,May 1967. Revised 2016
2(revised) III2 9 · C3b (S/S Left, 89 in Denticles) (188) I-3 R-4
Obverse III2 9– Tops of 89 showing in denticles as raised curved bar in denticle space below 8 and shallow raised curved bar in field in denticle space below 9 on EDS. Die marker - Vertical polishing line to right of right wheat leaf.
Reverse C3b– IV S mint mark re-punched with original showing as broken arc in top middle of upper loop and a complete arc in middle of lower loop. Die marker - Horizontal die scratches in eagle's wing-neck gap on EDS. Several short diagonal and one long nearly horizontal at eagle's left leg in upper tail feathers.

1. This EXACT reverse is shared with VAM-2,VAM-2A,VAM-2B and VAM-29.VAMs 2B and 29 are later die state reverses and have a die break across the eagles left wing.
2. Shares reverse with V29 and V48 is the first use of this reverse die


LVA Plate Photos:

1890-S-V2-PLATE2.jpg 1890-S VAM-2-S over-S Left.jpg
Die 2 Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

1890sV2date1.jpg Jth1890sV2date2.jpg

Jth1890sV2DI.jpg Jth1890sV2bearclaw.jpg

Jth1890sV2ear.jpg Jth1890sV2wheat.jpg

Jth1890sV2lips.jpg Jth1890sV2wing-neck.jpg

Next 4 photos are D-Shaped void comps of V2,V2a,V2b,V29

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo of VAM-2 Pre-Polish courtesy of Heritage and attributed by TMANHG