1890-O VAM-10

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1890-O VAM-10 "Comet" Near Date with Bar, Die Gouge Reverse O

Discovered by John Dannreuther, February 1977. Revised 2008.
This coin is a Hot 50 and a WOW! Morgan VAM.
10(revised) III2 6 - C3a (Near Date with Bar, Die Gouge Reverse O) (181) I-3 R-4
Obverse III2 6 - Date set father left than normal. Wide striated die gouges down diagonally from 0 in date down to the right to rim. Second striated die gouge also extends diagonally from rim under first right star.
Reverse C3a - Vertical die gouge above O in ONE.

1. The VAM-10 Comet gets its name from the comet tail-like die gouges on the obverse to the right of the date.
2. Some (and possibly all) specimens show the reverse die gouge which also appears on VAM-10A.
3. The VAM-10A is often attributed by TPG's as the VAM-10. Be sure you learn to distinguish the two or you could learn a costly lesson. The VAM-10A sells for considerably less than the VAM-10, with it's stronger die gouges.
4. The VAM-10A is the LDS of the VAM-10 and shows a heavily worn comet and reverse die gouge.


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