1889-P VAM-28A

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1889-P VAM-28A Doubled Ear, Far Date, Pitted DO

Discovered by Larry Briggs, November 2001.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan Vam.
28A III2 25 - C3a (Doubled Ear, Far Date, Pitted DO) (189) I-3 R-7
Obverse III2 25 - Ear doubled at right inside, top right outside and slightly on left inside. Date set further right than normal. Doubling on right outside of ear not as strong as VAM 25.
Diagnostic - Die Scratch from Y top right in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3a - Pitted die with raised dots in DO of DOLLAR and extending up around wreath bow.

1. Later die state of VAM 28. The only known 1889 Doubled Ear with a pitted reverse.


LVA Plate Photos

89PV28A plate.jpg

Additional Photos

Rej1889 vam28a obv1.jpg
Date position:
Rej1889 vam28a obv2.jpg
Close up of pitting.
Close up of some tiny die markers in RT of Liberty
Rej1889 vam28a obv5.jpg
Rej1889 vam28a rev1.jpg
Diagnostic gouge at top right of Y
Diagnostic gouge at top right T of Liberty

Full Coin Photos

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