1888-O VAM-42

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1888-O VAM-42 Doubled Ear, Very High O Mint Mark

Discovery 2014
42 III2 31 - C3d (Doubler Ear, Very High O Mint Mark ) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 31- Slightly doubled right inside of ear and bottom outside. Date in middle of normal lateral position.
Die marker - Vertical die scratch left side of Y in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3d - III O mint mark centered at very high position.


  1. The photo in the 2014 supplement is incorrect. From Leroy, 3/2019: "88 O VAM 42 photo of O m/m tilted rt in 2014 Suppl was for original 42 listing of Bill Latour coin in June 2014 that was later determined to be same as 1B1 in Nov 2014 & eliminated. Subsequent 42 listing in Dec 2014 was for different coin but photo of 42 listed in June was never corrected or erased. Don't have photo of correct 88 O VAM 42 m/m since was just listed as C3d O Set very High like VAM 8 listing. Likely different die."
  2. Discovery Coin photos shown on this page are the December 2014 piece.


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