1888-O VAM-31

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1888-O VAM-31 Doubled 188, Die Gouge Ear, Crumbled Reverse Letters

Discovered by George Powell, October 2006. Revised 2017
31 (revised) III220 · C3a (Doubled 188, Die Gouge Ear, Crumbled Reverse Letters) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III220– Doubled 188 with 1 as short spike below upper crossbar and left and middle 8's as thin curved line at top inside of upper loop. Horizontal die gouge thru upper part of inner ear fill with curved left end at top left of ear.
Reverse C3a– Fairly early die state and later show heavy die chips around letters of TED STATES OF AMER, in God We Trust and top edges of wings and top denticles. Die clash marks but no corresponding ones on obverse. (Formerly VAM-1G)
1. See VAM-1G was delisted 8/22/2017 - same as 1888-O VAM-31)
2. VAM-31 obverse also has short threadlike impression at top of inner ear.
3. date position is C3 RE4, note the spike under the crossbar of the 1. short vertical scratch closes back of hanging curl above eye in addition to thread like impression in top of ear noted above.

1. 4sdair Coin [[1]]
2. Fruitbat Coin [[2]]

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1888-O VAM-31 Dbld 188.jpg 1888-O VAM-31 Die Chips Rev.jpg

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