1888-O VAM-20

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1888-O VAM-20 Doubled Eyelid, Ear, Reverse Legend

Discovered by Richard Pawley, May 1998.
20 III214 · C3h (Doubled Eyelid, Ear, Reverse Legend) (181) I-3 R-3
Obverse III214– Eyelid doubled as thin line below front half and bar above eyelid front. Ear strongly doubled on right inside and doubled left edge of lower two cotton leaves.
Reverse C3h– Doubled bottom inside of letters towards rim in S–F AMERICA R, right side of right star, top and right sides of We Trust, and right side of top leaves in right wreath. III O mint mark set slightly high and to left.

1. An extremely elusive variety, apparently far more rare than the VAM listing estimate indicates.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Very strong doubling inside ear
88o v20 ear small.jpg
Slight doubling on underside of eyelid
88o v20 eye small.jpg
Doubled left edge of lower two cotton leaves, particularly the lowest
88o v20 cotton leaf small.jpg
Date position
88o v20 date small.jpg
A die scratch is found between the cotton bolls
88o v20 line bolls small.jpg
Another marker, a small gouge in the right fork of the Y of LIBERTY
88o v20 y liberty small.jpg
Mintmark is set high
88o v20 mintmark small.jpg
Slight doubling on the right reverse, particularly the star
88o v20 rt rev star small.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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