1888-O VAM-2

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1888-O VAM-2 Oval O Normal Date, Oval O set high and tilted slightly left.

Discovered by Melvin Carmichael, August 1951. Revised 2008.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
Die 2 has been designated 1888-O VAM-34.
2(revised) II21· C3b (Oval O) (181) I-3 R-4
Obverse III21– Die 1– Date at right side of normal position. Very slight doubling of nose and upper lip profile plus top of Phrygian cap.
Reverse C3b– Normal die of C3 type with tall oval medium II O mint mark set high.



LVA Plate Photo:

1888 O VAM-2 Oval O Die 1
1888-O VAM-2 Die 1 Date Position.jpg
1888 O VAM-34 Oval O
1888-O VAM-2 Die 2 Date Position.jpg
1888-O VAM-2 Die 2 Polished 8.jpg
1888-O VAM-2 High Oval O.jpg

Additional Photos:

Die 1 below.
ASH 1888-O VAM 2 DIE 1 PAGE 1.jpg
ASH 1888-O VAM-2 DIE 1 PAGE 2.jpg
Die 2 below.
ASH 1888-O VAM-2 DIE 2 PAGE 1.jpg
ASH 1888-O VAM-2 DIE 2 2ND PAGE.jpg
Above photos and text courtesy of Ash Harrison.

Full Coin Photos

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