1888-O VAM-1B2

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1888-O VAM-1B2 Tilted Field, MDS

Discovered by Michael Ash, March 2006.
1B2 III21 · C3a (Tilted Field, MDS) (181) I-3 R-5/6
Obverse III21– Die cracks extends from denticles thru dot over to Liberty head nose edge with obvious tilted field. Crack not yet across eye, nose or cheek.

1. The 1888-O VAM-1B comes in a number of stages, most of which are early die state (EDS) coins that are not "Scarface". Most of these EDS stages are worth much less than a true "Scarface". Before you buy a coin that a seller claims is a "Scarface", please do your research so that you know what you're really getting. The link to the VAMview issue that has the article on the Harrison Stages of the 1B is [[1]]Price discount for die crack only partially across field.
2. These are the early die state (EDS) of the coin that becomes Scarface. They are collectible but are worth much less than a real Scarface. Even though one of the slabs below actually uses the word "Scarface" on the slab, the key is still the acronym "EDS".


LVA Plate Photos:

Photo of a "middle die state" 1888-O VAM-1B2:
The 1B2 plate photos appear to be Stage-1B-H6. The cracks touch the bridge of the nose, but DO NOT extend on to the face crack.
1888-O VAM-1B2 Tilted Field1.jpg

Additional Photos:


Full Coin Photo