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1888-O VAM-12 Doubled Ear Bottom & Legend, Slanted Date

Discovered by Pete Bishal, September 1979. Revision by Nick Capuano, March 2014
12(revised) III216 · C3f (Doubled Ear Bottom & Legend, Slanted Date) (181) I-3 R-4
Obverse III216– Ear slightly doubled at bottom outside. Date slightly slanted with 1 closer to rim than last 8.
Die Marker – Tiny die chip at lower right outside of L in LIBERTY
Reverse C3f– Doubled Bottom inside of TES OF AMERICA letters towards rim, tops and sides of G-d We Trust, right side of right star and right side of top leaves in right wreathe. Centered III O mint mark doubled as think curved line on lower right outside.
Die Marker – Diagonal polishing lines at inside of eagle’s left leg.
LVA Comments:
1. PCGS 4093 - VAM 12 revised. Has characteristics of VAM 12 description and O/O Rt of VAM 23. Must have originally used a later die state for listing of VAM 12 where line below O m/m was worn away. Thanks for sending one with line showing! Added die markers for obv & rev, but hard to find good ones!
2. PCGS 1396 - VAM 12. Slightly later die state than above coin. We don’t list rim cuds unless go into fields. Sometimes use to help identify dies. Die crack above LA in Dollar but not listable.

1. Nick Capuano's article on all the revised stages can be found in The Society of Silver Dollar's VAM-E Volume 11 issue 16. 04/13/2014


LVA Plate Photos:

Nlc-LVA-88-O-V12-Photos-1.jpg Nlc-LVA-88-O-V12-Photos-2.jpg
Nlc-LVA-88-O-V12-Photos-3.jpg Nlc-LVA-88-O-V12-Photos-4.jpg
Previous Plates:
1888-O VAM-12 Dbld Legend.jpg 1888-O REV VAM-12 PLATE PHOTO SEP 27 2010.jpg
1888-O VAM-12 EAR PLATE PHOTO SEP 27 2010.jpg
VSS Plate Photos
VAM 12 can be an "evil mimic" of the rare 1888-O VAM-15, as it has several similar features.

Slight repunching of mint mark similar to, but not as strong as, VAM 15

Doubling at base of AMERICA not as strong as VAM 15

Doubling on OF and 'ust'

No doubling on base of 2nd A in AMERICA, right star, or tips of right wreath.

Date position very similar to VAM 15.

Additional Photos:

On the late die stage of the VAM 12--which is the VAM 12A--there is a cud above URIP in E PLURIBUS.
The late die stage is also interesting, with a doubled mintmark and a die crack through the O of DOLLAR.
1888 O VAM 12 Photo 1.jpg

1888 O VAM 12 Photo 2.jpg
Die markers for the obverse and reverse, found on both the listed VAM-12 and VAM-12A.
Obverse die scratch from the icing of the lower cupcake.
Distinct, small die scratches inside top of the bow.

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-12 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions]ATTRIBUTED BY John Roberts at ANACSANACS LOGO3.jpg