1887-P VAM-12

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1887-P VAM-12 Doubled LIBERTY, Alligator Eye

Discovered by George Mallis, July 1964. Revised 2001.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM
12(revised) III212 • C3a (Doubled LIBERTY, Alligator Eye) (190) I-3 R-3
Obverse III212– Front of eye doubled, LIBERTY slightly doubled on right side and ear slightly doubled on right inside. First three stars on right and all left stars and PLURIB slightly doubled towards rim.

1. 1887 VAM-12 Alligator Eye. This VAM is extremely popular, mostly because of the interesting and memorable name, "Alligator Eye" Nicknamed because of the doubled front edge of Liberty's eye looks like that of an alligator. There is also doubling on the top and right edge of some letters in PLURIBUS. On the reverse of this VAM, there is evidence of a die clash. Several other 1887 dies are clashed so this is not a unique pick up point, but it may be useful to triage a roll of coins. Note that this coin is available in high grades. It is also one of the most available Top 100 coins and is considered a "gateway coin" luring collectors into the VAM specialty because of its name, availability and popularity. If you purchase one (as opposed to cherrypick), make sure you buy a nice high grade example and keep the premium paid to a minimum.


LVA Plate Photos

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Photo below of date position.

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