1886-P VAM-6

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1886-P VAM-6 High 6

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, July 1967. Revised 2010
6 (revised) III2 6 - C3a (High 6) (188) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 6 - 6 in date punched higher than normal. Date in normal lateral position.
Die 1 - Die marker - Fine die crack between neck point and first left star on early and late die states.
Reverse C3a -
Die 1 - Die marker - Roughness and lines in neck - wing gap.

1. The date is listed as a high 6, but is actually slanted upward, with each digit successively higher than the one to its left. The lateral position is the left side of normal.
2. The LDS 1886-P VAM-6, as revised in 2010. The die state progression is 6, 6A (single to double clash incuse n), 6B (mutiple clashed incuse n), LDS 6 when incuse letter has worn away.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

The reverse has a curious bump in the die under the A of DOLLAR.
"Railroad tracks" clashing from wing to "n". Note the small hazy patch on the left track is a spot on the slab, not the coin (this coin is an ICG 63):
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 1.jpg
Die crack date with die sinking near denticles. This specific die crack from the 1 to the point of the neck is a key diagnostic:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 2.jpg
Die break star with closeup of die sinking:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 3.jpg
Clash mark at neck with no visible transferred lettering:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 4.jpg
Reverse die sinking near denticles:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 5.jpg
Die break through cap and in to the field:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 6.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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