1883-O VAM-44B

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1883-O VAM-44B Tripled Ear, Double 1, Beveled Tail Feathers

Discovered by James Cerny 2011, Revised 2016 By Ray Sanchez
44B III2 25 - C3a (Tripled Ear, Double 1, Beveled Tail Feathers) (181)
Reverse C3a- Slightly beveled bottom of right tail feathers, part of olive branch and below eagle's middle left talon from over polished die. Beveled field die begins faintly before clashed obverse T occurs.

Emission Sequence


  1. The 1883-O VAM-44 & 1883-O VAM-44A both HAVE the beveled tail feathers (Hence the 1883-O VAM-44B listing is redundant & should be delisted.


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Beveled tail feathers
RES 1883 O V44B tail bev.jpg

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