1883-O VAM-44

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1883-O VAM-44 Tripled Ear, Doubled 1

Discovered by Brent Fogelberg 3/2000. Revised 2016 By Ray Sanchez
44(revised) III2 25 · C3a (Tripled Ear, Doubled 1) (181)
Obverse III2 25 – Ear tripled at bottom outside of ear lobe and slightly doubled at lower right inside. 1 slightly doubled on surface at lower edge of upper crossbar on later die states. Very fine thread-like or staple die impression at neck edge.

Emission Sequence


  1. The discovery piece of the 1883-O VAM-44 does have the beveled reverse as seen on the 1883-O VAM-44A & 1883-O VAM-44B, it DOES have the clashing on neck but DOES NOT have the letter transfer.


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