1883-O VAM-31A

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1883-O VAM-31A Doubled 3, Bar in Hair and O Mint Mark

Discovered by Leonard Hinckley, February 1974. Re-Classified 31A 2016 Former VAM-10
31A III 2 15 - C3a (Doubled 3, Bar in Hair and O Mint Mark) (181)
Obverse III2 15- For LDS, slight doubling bottom of 18 disappears as does scribbles on face,jaw and neck from die wear/polishing. Horizontal polishing line in hair behind jaw-neck junction enlarges to bars. Scratch in B and lines in ear remain.
(Second 8 set higher than first 8 and 3. Faint doubling at bottom of 1 and at bottom inside of 3's lower loop.)
Reverse C3a - Only partially curved die scratch in wing-neck gap.Only thick diagonal bar remains at bottom inside of O mint mark from die wear/polishing.

Emission Sequence


  1. 1883-O VAM-10 was eliminated and is the LDS 1883-O VAM-31A.


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