1883-O VAM-31

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1883-O VAM-31 Doubled 18-3, Scribbles on Face, Jaw & Neck

Discovered by Martin Field, December 1979. Revised 2016 by Ray Sanchez
31 III2 15 - C3a (Doubled 18-3, Scribbles on Face, Jaw & Neck) (181)
Obverse III2 15- EDS Features include doubled 18-3 w/ 1 doubled slightly below bottom crossbar & below upper crossbar on fully struck dates, Left 8 slightly at top inside of upper loop, bottom left inside of both loops & slightly at bottom left outside of lower loop, right 8 slightly high & 3 doubled at bottom inside of lower loop. Vertical polishing lines inside ear & horizontal lines in hair back of jaw-neck junction. Scribble fine lines in various directions on face, jaw & neck.
Die marker - Diagonal die scratch thru B of LIBERTY.
Reverse C3a - Two heavy diagonal polishing lines inside II O mint mark.
Die marker - Fine diagonal polishing lines and small curved die scratch above in Neck-Wing gap.

Emission Sequence



LVA Plate Photos:

RES LVA Plate 31 6.jpg RES LVA Plate 31 5.jpg

RES LVA Plate 31 3.jpg RES LVA Plate 31 4.jpg

RES LVA Plate 31 8.jpg RES LVA Plate 31 2.jpg

RES LVA Plate 31 1.jpg

RES LVA Plate 31 7.jpg RES LVA Plate 31 9.jpg

Additional Photos:

1883-O VAM 33 Photo 1.jpg
The VAM 31A (right) does not have any listed doubling of the date.
RES 1883 O v10 18 horz.jpg
VAM-31 left; VAM-31A right
RES 1883 O v10 B horz.jpg
VAM-31 left; VAM-31A right
RES 1883 O v10 mm horz.jpg

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